• So how do I get $$?

    You'll earn an 8% referral commission for all purchases made after people click on your special link. This can add up pretty quickly, since the everyday price for Takes Two (including two assessments) is $149 (or $11.92 per purchase).

    We'll mail you a check ($$) every quarter as long as you've accrued at least $25 in referral commissions. Make sure we have your correct mailing address! Any unused portion will be rolled over to the following quarter. If you don't earn any credit at all during a 12-month period, we reserve the right to discontinue your earnings and participation.

    Quarter Calendar
    Q1: January - March Payment sent in late April
    Q2: April - June Payment sent in late July
    Q3: July - September Payment sent in late October
    Q4: October - December Payment sent in late January

  • Where do I find some light reading about Terms and Conditions?

    You're in luck. You can review the Kolbe/Takes Two Affiliate Program Agreement here. It has the actual legal language and details about how this all works. Happy reading.

  • Wait, what is Takes Two anyway?

    Takes Two is an online relationship advice platform for couples. It's based on this famous personal strengths assessment, which Kathy Kolbe invented, called the Kolbe A™ Index, so it's customized for each couple. We highly recommend that our Affiliates take the assessment and get the Takes Two report with their partner. And even if you're not currently in a relationship you can try it with a friend just for fun. Read more about Takes Two here.

  • How do I spread the word?

    As an Affiliate you get a special link to TakesTwo.com that you can post, tweet, embed, or share with as many people as you like. If someone clicks on your link, we will credit your Affiliate account for any purchases they make during that visit to Takes Two. You can only use one link at a time.

    To drive more traffic and increase your referral income, we recommend using high-quality images and video, and include clear language about how Takes Two helps even great relationships become better.

  • Will this work on Kolbe.com?

    As a Takes Two Affiliate, you can also start earning money through referrals to Kolbe.com. Kolbe.com is the only public website where people can buy the Kolbe A Index, the only validated assessment that measures a person's instinctive talents. As a Kolbe/Takes Two Affiliate you can earn up to 8% commission on the Kolbe A Index, and other assessments purchased on Kolbe.com.

    Please note that your customized Kolbe.com links are different than your customized TakesTwo.com link (you might notice that the identifier code at the end of the URL is still the same...)

  • Do you notify the IRS of the referral fees I earn?

    If you earn more than $600.00 in a calendar year, we are legally required to file a 1099 form with the IRS, naming the payee as a contractor who has received a taxable amount of income from KAP.

  • Does KTAP link back to my Web site?

    We currently do not offer reciprocal links to our Affiliate's websites.

  • How will KTAP communicate with me?

    Occasionally you will receive emails that offer update with site news, product information, tips, etc. as well as any upgrades or changes to the KTAP.

  • Should I let it be known that I am member of the TKAP?

    Your communication must clearly and accurately describe the nature of your participation in KTAP and must not create confusion or misrepresent the nature of your participation in KTAP. You may describe yourself as a member or participant in the Kolbe/Takes Two Affiliate Program (KTAP).

  • How do I change my account information?

    You may modify your account information online ONLY if you are logged into your account. Once logged in, access the drop down menu by clicking on your name at the top right corner of the page. Then click on Affiliate Settings.

  • Any other questions? Give us a ring.

    For help, please visit our Help Center or email us at support@takestwo.com. You can also reach us during business hours at (602) 840-9770.

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