Why Takes Two?

Because even great relationships can be better.
Yours will be when you discover Takes Two.

Thriving relationships require learning, growth, and investment.


Your relationship is unique, so we won't give you cookie-cutter advice. Your customized relationship guide is based on a 36-question assessment that identifies instinctive strengths you may not even be aware of, but will be apparent as you experience the report.


Takes Two is unique because it is based on the strengths each of you bring to the relationship. You won't get a list of faults to fix, or a letter-grade for your relationship. But you will get practical advice for even the strongest, healthiest relationships.


Takes Two will lead to closer, more fulfilling relationships. We know you'll get valuable insight into your relationship because it is backed by the Kolbe Concept® and a 40-year track record of success in behavioral theory and assessments.


Our Secret – We know something about you that you probably don't even know yourself.  Your instinctive, conative strengths drive the way you take action.  We didn't make up conation, it's been discussed by thinkers like Plato and Piaget for literally thousands of years.  But we are the first and only company that helps people understand their conative strengths and use them to improve their relationships.

Takes Two is powered by Kolbe Corp, which has been helping, companies, universities, sports teams, individuals, and couples understand their strengths and how to apply them to the things they care about most.  You can read more about the theory and research behind Kolbe Corp and conation here.

Takes Two
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