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The one thing you need to know to have a better relationship . . .

Let's face it, there isn't "one thing," or a simple "secret" someone can tell you to make your relationships work better. But the good news is that you can learn things about each other that will make it easier to have a stronger, easier, more joyful relationship.

If you're committed to having a great relationship, you need to be committed to extending yourself for the other person.

One indispensable part of that process (and it's a process that continues as long as you're still in that relationship) is understanding each other, and yourselves. That's where Takes Two comes in.


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First, let's get this straight - we are here to help you figure each other out and give you insight and yes, a little advice about how you can have a better, happier and easier relationship. Yes, you should want your relationship to be 'easier.' That doesn't mean you won't be challenged to grow and evolve, it means not having to struggle to get past what should be small problems. Then you'll have left over energy you can devote to making your relationship even better than you imagined. Maybe you're a workaholic and you just want to have a 'good enough' relationship and put more energy into making your next billion dollars. That's up to you.

So, where were we? . . . Right, insight. And remember, we said some of this is pretty easy. Where do you want to start?

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